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The gift of knowledge.

A few weeks ago Joe and I traveled down south to Vision Quest Ranch and Monterey as Christmas gift. We toured the ranch and the next day kayaked along Cannery Row. Vision Quest is a small ranch in Salinas that houses and cares for exotic animals; some are rescues others were show or circus animals. I must say, of the "weekend" (2-3 day) trips that we have taken this has been the most educational one so far. Follow with me as I list some of the amazing facts I have learned.

It seems like we spent the most time with the elephants: Paula, Kristi, Butch, Buffy & Mailika (mostly Butch) so I shall start with them. All were African elephants (big ears).
They stand on their tippy-toes, they have a large fat pad that cushions and supports their weight.They cannot run or jump;  they must have at least two feet on the ground due to their weight. The elephant scale tops out at 10,600 lbs, This is know because Butch maxes out the scale.The trunk is all muscle, it is strong enough to …

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